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Professional Pest Control Services

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Swift Pest Control provide a discreet, humane service. Your best course of action with nearly all pests is

to deal with the problem quickly, as delaying removal can prove very costly.

If you would like advice on how we can solve your problem or to make an appointment please call us

on 0208 528 2266 We're here to help.

Rats & Mice

Rats and Mice are common household pests, which can reproduce quickly and become a major

headache. They can cause extensive damage by gnawing electric cables, plastics, pipes and woodwork

and they also spread bacterium such as salmonella. Rats also carry Weil's disease and should be dealt

with as quickly as possible.


Wasps, on the whole are useful, they eat garden pests such as greenfly however they can become a

real hazard in some situations. Nest sizes reach their peak in late summer, August and September,

but it is better to tackle them early before the nest size is too big!


They breed very rapidly and spread bacteria, which can cause serious food poisoning, eczema and

asthma. A musty smell can sometimes indicate their presence, they thrive in warm humid places,

especially around pipes, stoves and sinks.

Fleas & Flies

Flea bites are very irritating and can lead to eczema. If your pet is affected, it's likely that its bed is

host to thousands of tiny larvae. Fleas don't live on humans but can often bite ankles and lower legs.

Flies will feed from faeces, then food and then back again which can cause bacterial transfer.

This is from the hairs on their feet and also from the way they vomit onto their food before eating it

Ants & Bugs

Black garden ants do not pose any major threat to our health, but they can become a real nuisance

when they enter our homes and workplaces. Ants often have nests close to the house under

paving or patio's and they are attracted to food, particularly if it's sticky and sugary.

Bed Bugs

There is an now an epidemic of Bedbugs in the UK - they are usually detected by the really itchy bites

they leave on the upper part of your body. They are a reddish brown, flattened oval shape about the

size of an apple pip and become fatter when they have fed. They are about all year round. Despite

their name, they can be found anywhere, particularly where the carpet meets the wall at the head

end of the bed or under loose wallpaper. Bedbugs are very hard to get rid of and professional treatment

is definitely advisable if you have this problem.


Squirrels can be very destructive pests. If they get into your loft they can cause major problems.


Swift pest Control deal with all pests and vermin. If your problem is

not listed above please call your local office for helpful advice.



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