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Pest Control for Food Premises

A breach of the food safety regulations can result in a fine of up to £5000 and under new rules, a prison

term of up to 2 years. Introduced in 2006 it is a legal requirement that all food premises must have a

pest control system in place and that all food preparation areas must be proofed for potential pests.

Stages of consumable production that the regulations apply to:


Our pest controllers are highly experienced and understand the biology and lifecycle of all pests.

Hence, our technicians are able to protect your business and eliminate any problems that may arise.

Pest Control for Non-Food Premises

Employers must take necessary measures to secure the health, safety and welfare of employees and

other people who visit their place of work

Pests can result in the closure of your company, whatever your field of business and even the cleanest

buildings have pest control problems. Ants, cockroaches and rodents can enter in cardboard boxes and

pallets or through pipes and vents. Eliminating the source of the problem often takes specialised expertise.


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